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You know there comes a time in every mans life where, ehh saw TF revenge of the fallen GO SEE IT NOWW!!!

Well im back

2009-07-05 20:18:16 by PielordDX

Woo hoo

Well im back

Hey lolz

2009-06-27 16:22:09 by PielordDX

Im going to the mountians be back next sunday
p.S. My votes are worth 5 people and a tenth of a person

Hey lolz

Lol no title

2009-06-23 00:28:29 by PielordDX

Well i was going to this one site for about 2 years, and apparantly i spammed, so they forced me out of the site. So, I'm on Newgrounds more. K thx bai

i like pie

Lol no title

Okay, where to start,LAST FRIDAY me and my friend went to six flags. BEFORE YOU ASK, I DID NOT RIDE THE MEDUSA, I just played games. And a few rides. Two days later the same friend and my family go camping i'll explain that trip later i'm too pooped, i just now got back and discovered dun dun dun, THE ART PORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!i submitted a pic check it out now. Bye!


Here iz it

2009-06-09 22:10:33 by PielordDX

Ossim is this person I came up with one day, while doodling in my math classe
Ossim is 100% mine You like what you see?

Here iz it


2009-05-25 22:28:38 by PielordDX

Is there a decent flash program that dosen't cost money? Plz respond, oh and happy birthday to me!


Pie Pie

2009-05-15 00:21:25 by PielordDX

Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie PiePie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie Pie

But seriously, who has played Halo Wars?

OMG a final!

2009-05-11 17:49:48 by PielordDX

Oh meh god its a final! What ever shall i do?
Finals AND end of school next week. which means 2 things.
More NG time
I might be getting flash.

P.S. wats so cool about myspace?

Go away!

2009-05-11 17:07:42 by PielordDX

Im sad.